DyeMansion Workshop @ Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D

Deep Dive: Color and Finish
Experience physical basics

Workshop within Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D 2019 was a complete success.

DyeMansion is a Munich, Germany-based company offering finishing systems that turn 3D-printed raw parts into high-value products. The combined three-step solution from DyeMansion is defined as 'Print-to-Product’ workflow and covers all steps from the raw part to a high-volume product.
To pick the right finish is essential when bringing a product to serial production to apply it in industries like the medical-, the lifestyle-, or the automotive sector.

The requirement of every industry for their end-use parts produced with 3D-printing are very different. Some demand for outstanding colors, others must rely on specific functional properties. This workshop provided you with the possibility to try different finishing possibilities in interactive tasks. For example the required process when developing a certain color or the different effects of light on the visual appearance of a color.
The team of DyeMansion was happy about the number of attendees!