Not just for motorcycles: 3D printed components with serial production quality

KTM uses unique Genera expertise for holistic additive processes ‒ both companies to showcase themselves at Rapid.Tech 3D 2022

Austrian start-up Genera grabs the attention of the AM world. Its stereolithography system (DLP) enables reliable and reproducible printing and finishing of components in a holistic process. The parts are available for immediate use. This level of performance has also impressed Europe’s largest motorcycle manufacturer KTM. At the 2022 Rapid.Tech 3D specialist conference in Erfurt, the two companies will be giving insights into their collaboration. This will also mark Genera’s début as an exhibitor at Germany’s oldest AM conference fair, showcasing its systems expertise.

A problem leads to partnership

As is so often the case in industry, it was a challenge that brought the companies together. KTM Technologies was looking for a manufacturer of elastic prototype parts for seats. Many industrial 3D printers were not able to meet the requirements. But Genera was. “This system has made it possible to produce the desired prototypes to the standards required for further serial production. We now work together on an ongoing basis. We need 3D printing for our development projects,” Florian Fischer emphasises. At the Rapid.Tech 3D specialist conference, the project manager for additive manufacturing at KTM Technologies and Genera founder and CEO Dr. Klaus Stadlmann will be demonstrating the possibilities that the industrial DLP process offers for new motorcycle applications at KTM.

The Genera team will also be informing visitors about its products and services at the Rapid.Tech 3D exhibition. “We entered the market in 2020 with our G2/F2 DLP system. Since then, we have pushed ahead with development, enabling us to present further products, such as an automation cell for 24-hour operation of the G2/F2 system and a compact, combined all-in-one system, G3, for printing, washing and post-exposure, which should be of particular interest to smaller companies and research institutions,” says Dr. Stadlmann. “We look forward to interesting discussions at our début in Erfurt,” he adds. “Perhaps we’ll even be able to pave the way for one or two other projects. We can also contribute a fair amount on the subject of material selection.” With partners such as Henkel, BASF and Evonik, Genera has built up a large portfolio of materials qualifying for the DLP process. “The user can rely on what it says in the data sheet,” Florian Fischer stresses.

Sustainable mobility from bicycle to aeroplane dominates day one of the conference

With their tandem address, the KTM expert and the Genera founder are part of a Rapid.Tech 3D opening day dominated by mobility topics. Keynote speeches from Porsche, Airbus and Sauber will illustrate how AM is used for innovations in electric mobility, as well as in other road vehicles and in aircraft. The subsequent Automotive & Mobility Forum will delve even further into the application spectrum. “3D printing is increasingly proving to be a lever for sustainable mobility solutions. In selecting the topics, we have made a point of going beyond the automotive sector to present the many different approaches that exist, from bicycles and trains right through to aeroplanes. Now far from being exotic, these are means of transport that are suitable for everyday use and that contribute to climate-friendly mobility,” Frank Cremer from 3D Systems and Dr. Bernhard Müller from the Fraunhofer Competence Field Additive Manufacturing explain. Both AM experts have taken the lead in planning and organising the first day of the conference in the mobility sector.

High-calibre specialist programme with innovations from AM application and AM research

The Rapid.Tech 3D specialist conference will offer further insight into current additive developments with keynote speeches from Autodesk, German Emirati Institute, nFrontier, Procter & Gamble and Toolcraft. The topics will be discussed in greater depth on all three days of the conference in the various trade forums. Besides Automotive & Mobility, these are AM in Construction Engineering & Architecture; Design; Aviation; Medical, Dental & Orthopaedic Technology; Software & Processes; Tool, Model and Mould Making, and News from AM. The latest developments in and prospects for AM research and training will be considered in the 3D Printing & Education and AM Science forums. This strand of the programme will include a presentation from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft on current results and projects in the field of additive manufacturing.
Detailed information on the keynote speeches and the content of the individual trade forums can be found in the overview of the programme for the Rapid.Tech 3D specialist conference at the following link:

Big-name exhibitors have already booked their places

The Rapid.Tech 3D exhibition also offers an insight into the latest developments and applications in additive manufacturing. Companies and research institutions such as Nano Dimension, Zeiss, Intamsys, Spaleck, Kaut Bullinger Stratasys and Trumpf have already booked their stands in Erfurt. There is still time to book exhibition space. More detailed information is available from the following link:

Book tickets conveniently online

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