“AM is a vital instrument in the technology orchestra”

The integration of the eight emerging technologies for effective product innovation will be a focus for the second day of Rapid.Tech 3D on 18 May 2022

Daniel Büning has a special connection with Erfurt. Back in 2013 he came to Rapid.Tech 3D to talk about the opportunities in architecture presented by 3D printing. “My link with Erfurt dates back to one of my first ever professional lectures. Now I’m delighted to be back, with many new experiences under my belt and a much wider perspective on additive manufacturing,” says the CEO and co-founder of the nFrontier innovation studio in Berlin. Daniel Büning is one of eight keynote speakers at this year’s Rapid.Tech 3D. His lecture on 18 May will focus on the core idea behind nFrontier – the development of impactful product innovations through the integration of the eight 'essential' emerging technologies: AM, virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, generative design, the Internet of Things and 5G. “We’re bringing these technologies together under one roof, which is enabling us to develop higher quality products more quickly. This allows us to achieve things that weren’t previously possible. 3D printing on its own is not a panacea, but when it interacts with other technologies in the 'orchestra' it becomes a vital instrument,” clarifies Daniel Büning.

New Design forum shares new approaches in product development

The nFrontier innovation studio doesn’t just bring technologies together, it also assembles a range of experts from the worlds of design and engineering. “Working collectively, with no limits on what we think or do, enables us to identify and unlock the potential of these new technologies. There’ll be some good examples of this at the new Design forum at the Rapid.Tech 3D specialist conference,” emphasises Dr. Stephan Beyer, CEO and co-founder of nFrontier, who is also overseeing the content of the Design forum. The presentations will follow on directly from Daniel Büning’s keynote address. Product developers, engineers and architects from Swatch, AI Build, DDS and DQBD amongst others will talk about business models involving additive and digital technologies, and innovative products, in the watches, sports equipment, construction and architecture sectors, as well as the use of AM robotics to design large-format components.

High-calibre specialist programme with innovations from AM application and research

The Rapid.Tech 3D specialist conference will offer further insights into current developments in additive technology, with keynote speeches from Airbus Helicopter, Autodesk, the German Emirati Institute, Porsche, Procter & Gamble, Sauber and Toolcraft. The issues will be discussed in greater depth on all three days of the conference in the various trade forums. In addition to the new Design forum, there will be forums on AM in Construction Engineering & Architecture; Automotive & Mobility; Aviation; Medical, Dental & Orthopaedic Technology; Software & Processes; Tool, Model and Mould Making, and News from AM. The latest developments in and prospects for AM research and training will be considered in the 3D Printing & Education and AM Science forums. This strand of the programme will include a presentation from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft on the latest results and projects in the field of additive manufacturing.
Detailed information on the keynote speeches and the content of the individual trade forums can be found in the overview of the programme for the Rapid.Tech 3D specialist conference at the following link: https://www.rapidtech-3d.com/visitors/congress-programme/

Big-name exhibitors have already booked their places

The Rapid.Tech 3D exhibition also offers an insight into the latest developments and applications in additive manufacturing. Companies and research institutions such as alphacam, Farsoon Europe, FIT, Fraunhofer, Intamsys, Kaut-Bullinger, Nano Dimension, Oechsler, Stratasys and Trumpf have already booked their stands in Erfurt. There is still time to book exhibition space. More detailed information is available from the following link: https://www.rapidtech-3d.com/exhibitors/registration-prices/

Book tickets conveniently online

The Rapid.Tech 3D ticket shop is already open. Tickets to attend the conference on one, two or three days can be booked online at your convenience at: https://www.rapidtech-3d.com/ticket/