Rapid.Tech announces first keynotes: Windows, lifestyle, jewellery design – Innovative applications in new sectors


Rapid.Tech (10 and 11 June 2015), Messe Erfurt

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The Keynote Session at Rapid.Tech 2015 in Erfurt will feature top speakers and hot topics under the title “Vision 3D”.Messe Erfurt has announced the first talks, which will present innovative developments in the fields of software, jewellery design, fashion and lifestyle.

Microsoft manager Adrian Lannin (USA) will give insights into how Windows’ extensive support for 3D printing is affecting additive manufacturing in existing and emerging market segments. Frank Cooper (Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, GB) will focus on the direct metal laser melting (DMLM) of precious metals. US designer Francis Bitonti will describe the radical change triggered by the “displacing” technology of 3D printing in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Visitors are guaranteed a concise overview with the Keynote Pass “Vision 3D”, which the trade fair management is offering for the first time in 2015. It grants pass holders entry to the five keynote presentations and the specialist trade fair on that day. The pass and all other trade fair and conference tickets are available online now: www.rapidtech.de/startseite/tagungen/preise-tagung.html.

Erfurt’s Rapid.Tech figures amongst the world’s most respected events in the field of additive manufacturing. Some 160 exhibitors and 4,000 trade visitors from 20 countries are expected. For the third time FabCon 3.D, Germany’s 3D printing fair for semi-professional users and prosumers, will be held in parallel with the event.

Microsoft, Windows and 3D printing

Software will be the focus of the keynote presentation by Adrian Lannin, Group Programme Manager at Microsoft and Head of the 3D Printing Team in the Operating Systems Group, at this year’s Rapid.Tech. After providing an overview of the 3D printer support already included in Windows 8.1, Adrian Lannin will give insights into the new 3D support functions and extensions in Windows 10. He will also discuss how the extensive support for 3D printing in a major operating system is affecting additive manufacturing in existing markets as well as in related emerging market segments.

New scope for design

This could also result in major changes to the manufacturing models that have existed up to now. Frank Cooper, Lecturer in Jewellery Manufacturing Technology and Technical Manager of the JII at the Birmingham City University School of Jewellery, will report in his keynote on how the jewellery industry is preparing for this transformation. He will first outline the use of current CAD and 3D printing technologies in the jewellery industry today and then illustrate how this industry is actively and comprehensively engaging with the new scope for design and the removal of former manufacturing limitations as a result of the rapidly developing additive manufacturing processes. He will place a special focus on the direct metal laser melting (DMLM) of precious metals. Frank Cooper will present various pieces of jewellery that have been produced with different DMLM processes. He will also address the training and education that will enable the next generation of jewellery designers to take maximum advantage of this new freedom.

Additive manufacturing – a “displacing” technology?

Customers become co-designers of their own products. The ability to personalise and customise products – including luxury goods – using computers opens up new and innovative business models. Designer Francis Bitonti, proprietor of the Francis Bitonti Studio in New York, will use his keynote to present the tools and computer-aided design process for creating cult fashions and lifestyle products. His focus will, however, not just be on the development of new, unusual shapes, but also on the changes ushered in by the use of additive manufacturing in series production and distribution. 3D printing will be presented as a “displacing” technology that is radically changing the way fashion and lifestyle brands operate.

As with all Rapid.Tech lectures, simultaneous interpretation (German<>English) will be offered during the keynote presentations.

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