Rapid.Tech 2012: trade forum “CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping in Dental Technology”, between the conflicting priorities of cost and quality


Newcomers and experts will meet for the ninth time from 8 to 9 May at the Rapid.Tech congress exhibition in Erfurt to discuss or to become acquainted with the latest results, trends and applications of generative manufacturing technology. The exhibition management is once again expecting about 1,200 participants and 60 exhibitors. Since 2004 Rapid.Tech has evolved as a leading venue for the cross-sectional technology – additive manufacturing (AM) – which is rapidly developing in many sectors.

Uninterrupted process sequence: CAD/CAM in dental technology

This Rapid.Tech trade forum provides a scientifically well-founded and realistic insight into possibilities and advantages of generative processes. “Milling was yesterday – rapid manufacturing is the technology of the hour!”, says Antonius Köster, leader of the trade forum “CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping in Dental Technology”. The dissemination of generative processes is leading to new business models and value-added chains in dental technology. The use of additive processes requires a comprehensive examination of the technologies and the interplay of materials, machines and finishing. Among other things, the lectures involve questions such as which processes and machines are suitable for which size of enterprise: small laboratory, milling centre or industrial dimension. In addition: What can the materials reproduce? What does the precision look like? And what can possibly be introduced into the models in terms of additional “intelligence”? Because additive manufacturing processes are still more expensive than the classical plaster model in terms of materials and investments, higher-level strategies and aspects must be taken into consideration during the application of AM. This also includes less tool wear, a higher aesthetic quality and shortened treatment times in the dentist’s chair. In the meantime, the digitalisation in dental technology provides a highly differentiated range of applications, from intraoral scan to digital print.

Develop business models with additive manufacturing

The keynote speaker at this year’s Rapid.Tech, Dr. Phil Reeves (Econolyst Ltd.), sets an important theme at the very beginning that will accompany the speakers and visitors through the entire congress with his lecture entitled “The business drivers to additive manufacturing – stimulating technology adoption”. It concerns the analysis of “market pull” and “technology push”, and their interactions under the influence of overriding economic, social and ecological factors. Professor Dr. Andreas Gebhardt, Rapid.Tech expert consultant: “The development of rapid prototyping into additive manufacturing has already prospered quite widely in technical terms. Now it concerns bringing the process into the markets and developing suitable business markets for this purpose.”

Rapid.Tech 2012: Information, impulses, innovations

Since 2004 Rapid.Tech has focused on the trend towards manufacturing end products. It has recognised and accompanied the evolution towards additive manufacturing at an early stage. Rapid.Tech 2012 also informs horizontally and vertically: on the one hand, the possibilities of AM in selected industries will be scrutinised in the Aviation, Medical Technology and Dental Technology trade forums. On the other hand, it deals with the entire manufacturing process, starting from strategies and including design, materials as well as machinery. Thinking outside one’s own box has proven successful for many participants in past years: because important, sometimes decisive impulses for the further development in applications and for solving specific problems are particularly gained in the exchange with other special fields. Rapid.Tech 2012 provides unique opportunities for discussion with and among each other through the combination of trade fair and conferences.

What you should bring along: the Pre-Session on 7 May in Erfurt

The cross-sectional technology AM is still new territory for many, not least because of its rapid development in recent years. In order to facilitate access for newcomers and to bring them to a level of knowledge with “insiders”, an overview event will be held at the Exhibition Centre Erfurt on the day before the Rapid.Tech: the necessary fundamentals of additive manufacturing will be clearly conveyed in models and components in two 2-hour sessions. The basic knowledge conveyed in this connection enables participants to rapidly filter out the innovations from the lectures and the trade fair.

Further information, the programme of events and registration documents are available for download at www.rapidtech.de.

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