“Knowledge on demand”: The Rapid.Tech 2012 shows how things ought to be


Better understand and apply generative production technology

When the next Rapid.Tech takes place between 8th and 9th May 2012, experts of and newcomers to additive production processes will be able to expand their professional knowledge for the ninth time. The three trade forums, the user´s conference and the design engineers day also offer outstanding opportunities for networking. New trends in services, products, machinery and systems are displayed by the accompanying trade fair.

Rapid.Tech: Recognise trends, set trends

Since its first event in 2004, Rapid.Tech has specialised in procedures for the direct production of products using additive procedures. What was once called Rapid Manufacturing is now known as Additive Manufacturing (AM) and repeatedly conquers new fields of application, with some serious effects on the entire manufacturing processes, value added chains and business models. The guiding theme is to produce individual components ever more quickly and efficiently. Rapid.Tech has proven the development to be the right one: Today, there are no longer prototypes. Instead, there are end products as individual parts or in small-scale series at the centre of technical lectures and exhibited examples.

Rapid.Tech provides an overview and foresight

The particular feature of Rapid.Tech is the close connection between professional knowledge and industry-related practical implementation. The high density of professional knowledge, provided through lectures and examples in the trade fair, is supplemented through versatile opportunities for intensive exchange and public relations. It is always worth taking a look “at the other side”, in the event next door: Because inspiration for innovation also requires an external incentive, which Rapid.Tech offers to the visitors in abundance.

Trade forums for dental technology, medical technology and aviation

The progress in the use of CAD/CAM procedures in dental technology is not slowing down: As well as “normal” dental prosthesis, such as crowns and bridges, implant work and orthodontic applications are playing an ever greater role.

The visitors to last year’s forum “CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping in Dental Technology” often appeared to be surprised by the growing options of AM in this industry, practical examples of which were presented. The listeners were primarily interested in the successful examples, such as 3D printing for moulding and the direct manufacture of dental prosthesis in bio-compatible composites.

In medical technology as well, the unique strength of rapid prototyping is seen in a particularly impressive manner: the production of custom-fit, individual specimens. The two-day trade forum “Medical Technology” is also dedicated to the use of market-ready rapid manufacturing systems for the direct manufacture of implants and prostheses. Anyone looking for an overview or wanting to look at the trends of the versatile, innovative and dynamic market, which is developing in many different directions, will get all the relevant information at Rapid.Tech 2012.

Every gram counts. As well as the direct economic advantages in the manufacture of components, the light-weight construction of AM is particularly significant for aviation. In the trade forum “Aviation”, large-scale and small-scale users provide their perception of the production system, while machine manufacturers present successful examples. Currently, there is a paradigm shift taking place from prototype to series production. The trade forum explains, comments on and supports this.

User conference and design engineering conference

Practical and visionary strength characterise the two-day user´s conference. Here, the status and trends of direct generative production are discussed with the objective of deriving new fields of use from these experiences and findings. The visitors discover many practical examples, which are presented by users, manufacturers and service providers. However, the user conference also offers researchers and visionaries a wide range of opportunities.

Developers and design engineers, who are familiar with conventional production procedures, are increasingly recognising the advantages of direct, tool-less production. However, the virtually complete geometric freedom of design occurring at the same time is also posing many questions. The design engineers day offers the platform for solutions: It provides the necessary additional knowledge to optimise components that were previously designed for traditional production for generative production.

The 9th Rapid.Tech will take place between 8th and 9th May 2012.