Generative Programms


Trade fair for rapid technology with trade congresses

Generative manufacturing processes are continuing to assert themselves in economic sectors. The Rapid.Tech trade fair, which is taking place in Erfurt from 18th to 19th May 2010 for the seventh time is also profiting from this success. As well as the user’s conference, design engineer’s day and STUDENT DESIGN AWARD for Rapid Manufacturing the programme also includes the 1st Medical Technology trade congress and the 2nd “CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping in Dental Technology”.

Machine developers, design engineers and users of generative processes have been profiting from a rapid, practical and cross-sector exchange of knowledge at the Rapid.Tech user's conference since 2004. The user's day provides a framework for the integrated medical and dental technology trade congresses. Potential users from all branches of industry can find out more about materials and surfaces through specialist lectures and practical case studies. Subjects like quality assurance and machinery for rapid prototyping (RP) applications and introduction to the German Rapid Manufacturing (RM) Platform are also part of the programme. In contrast the design engineer’s day focuses more intensely on design, construction and industrial practice. Here amongst other things RP and RM fields of application in new growth industries like wind energy and lightweight construction are introduced.
Generative manufacturing processes and in particular Rapid Manufacturing (RM) are above all economically relevant for the future in medical technology. “Hearing device shells and dental braces and also implants, prosthetics and orthotics played a pioneering role here”, reports Prof. Dr. Andreas Gebhardt from CP - Centrum für Prototypenbau GmbH, Erkelenz. He initiated the congress as a specialist consultant together with the graduate computer scientist, Michael Eichmann from RTC Rapid Technologies GmbH, Mettmann. The further development and improvement of rapid prototyping supported RM applications in medical technology is being worked on all over the world. The market is developing versatilely, innovatively and dynamically in many directions. These trends are being highlighted at the 1st Medical Technology trade congress on 18th May as part of Rapid.Tech. Practising doctors, like Prof. F. Zeilhofer from the University Hospital of Basel and experts from the field of rapid manufacturing are providing information about the status of applications and their potential. Fields like surgical planning, the manufacturing of phantoms, implants and prosthetics as well as surgical aids like templates, materials for artificial tissue, cartilage and bones, the development of artificial organs and the interaction between medical image processing and 3D modelling are highlighted.

Currently dental technology is also undergoing radical change. Changing basic conditions in health care policies are turning dental market suppliers and partners into competitors. New scanning technology, CAD/CAM systems, processing machinery, rapid prototyping processes and also new material developments are giving dental labs the chance to work economically and drive for growth. The 2nd “CAD/CAM and Rapid Prototyping in Dental Technology” trade congress offers dental technicians, dentists and dental market suppliers a critical and informative overview of current trends. Numerous speakers, like the master dental technician Hans-Joachim Dörner, answered the call of the congress initiator Antonius Köster, acknowledged CAD/CAM and rapid prototyping expert and will be reporting on practical results in lectures. Innovative solutions result for example from new process chains, like the combination of rapid prototyping and classic casting technology or the possibility of directly manufacturing long-term temporaries thanks to new materials using rapid prototyping. Alongside lectures the trade congress with accompanying exhibition also invites open dialogue between participants, speakers and various providers.

The complete programme for the Rapid.Tech trade fair and user’s conference including design engineer’s day and trade congresses as well as information about the STUDENT DESIGN AWARD for Rapid Manufacturing is now available for download on the internet at