The all-rounder in industrial material extrusion: HAGE3D takes the 84L to Erfurt!


The HAGE3D 84L is considered the allrounder among industrial 3D printers. In the last few weeks, the device gained much media attention due to manufacturing a gigantic FSW head (160 cm height, 120 cm diameter). At the 2019 Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D, HAGE3D puts the focus on this allround 3D printer.

With HAGE3D, the organizers of Rapid.Tech + FabCon 3.D managed to get one of the most important European manufacturers of industrial 3D printers as an exhibitor to this year's trade fair. With the HAGE3D 84L, the Austrian company has one of the most sought after models of industrial material extrusion. The very good price-performance ratio, the high variety of materials and the very high precision make the industrial 3D printer the ultimate allrounder. The built chamber (400 x 600 x 350 mm) includes a up to 160 °C heatable printing bed. Technical and high-performance plastics such as PETG, ABS, TPC (TPU) as well as PP, PEEK and PPS can be precisely extruded with a nozzle temperature of up to 450 °C. Another highlight of the HAGE3D 84L is the water-cooled HFFS print head, which ensures a constant temperature throughout the printing process.  

Large installation spaces, high material diversity: This is HAGE3D HAGE3D

HAGE3D has been established in the market for years. The company once started as a business unit of the renowned special machine manufacturer HAGE Sondermaschinenbau in Obdach, Austria. By now, HAGE3D counts hundreds of customers, starting from Canada over Europe to China. With Obdach and Graz, the company has two locations that are constantly expanding due to their steady growth. The basic technology of HAGE3D devices is material extrusion. This technology offers many advantages, such as a very high material diversity, compact processes or high print volumes. In addition to the HAGE3D 84L, the Austrian company also offers the devices 72L (600 x 400 x 280 mm), 140L (700 x 500 x 400 mm), 175C (1,200 x 1,200 x 800 mm) and the 5-axis 3D printer 175X (500 x 500 x 450 mm). All of them are successfully positioned in the market.  

Meet HAGE3D at Rapid.Tech 2019: Hall 2, Booth 1-1022

HAGE 3D Printer 84L:

About HAGE3D

Obdach, a small community in beautiful Upper Styria and birthplace of the Austrian ski giant Renate Götschl, is also birthplace of HAGE3D. Since 2014, we have been producing 3D printers for our international customers and partners and since then we are constantly putting additive production on a new level. In 2018, due to the massive growth of the company, the Obdach site was expanded by several office units and the new technical administration and accounting departments. As a result, the team at Obdach now includes not only excellent technicians, but also great administrative staff.

Contact Details 

Hauptstraße 52e
8742 Obdach / Austria

Kratkystraße 2
8020 Graz / Austria

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