Neotech AMT to present “Fully Additive” 3D Printed Electronics at RapidTec .


NUREMBERG, Germany – 4th June 2019. 
Neotech AMT GmbH for Nuremberg Germany will be presenting the latest developments in Fully Additive” 3D Electronics at the 16th RapidTec+FabCon 3.D in Erfurt Germany 25-27.6.19.   

“Fully Additive” refers to the combination of 3D Printed Electronics (3DPE) with classical 3D printing and 3D Pick & Place of Surface Mount Devices. This process allows the digital manufacture of complex mechatronic systems. These smart devices contain electronics functionality, both externally and also embedded in the printed structural bodies creating totally new designs. Two processes are currently used for the structural build: Fused Filament Fabrication of polymers and dispensing of ceramics. The electronics circuitry is printed by a combination of jetting processes with SMDs also being added in 3D space.  

“Neotech has been pioneering the development of 3D Printed Electronics and our patented technology has a proven industrial track record” explains Dr. Martin Hedges, Managing Director of Neotech.  “The first mass production program in mobile communications devices started in 2015. Combining classical 3D Printing with this established 3DPE technology opens the way for the automated manufacture of mechatronic devices of novel functionality, cost competitiveness and excellent environmental balance.” 

About Neotech ATM - Neotech AMT GmbH is a leading company developing manufacturing technologies for 3D Printed Electronics. Since 2009 the company has pioneered developments in this emerging market and offers production level solutions. The patented 45X system is currently used in the high volume manufacture of cell phones. Many other applications for automotive and industrial customers under development including 3D circuits, antenna, sensors and heater patterns. 

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