High-strength and radiation-resistant plastic


Toolcraft uses new temperature control medium for processing Ultem

Hardly any other market is as pioneering in the use of innovative materials and procedures as the aerospace industry. Toolcraft has established itself as a reliable partner in this market segment. The company processes Ultem – a polyetherimide with properties which make it suitable for applications in the aerospace industry – as part of its work in the fields of injection moulding and mould making.

Ultem – extremely strong and resistant to radiation
Ultem is a polyetherimide with properties which make it suitable for use in all kinds of mechanical components. The high-strength material has excellent temperature and hydrolysis resistance. Ultem is impenetrable to UV and gamma rays as well as flame-resistant. It is UL-listed for use in the aerospace industry. A cylinder temperature of 320°C is needed to process the material, while the mould must reach a temperature of 120-160°C.

New temperature control method
Toolcraft recently invested in a new device for keeping the temperature of moulds consistent. This device also enables Ultem to be processed at a constant temperature. Previously, the company had to employ cartridge heaters to heat tools to the required temperature. Since these heaters are electrical, they are slow at conducting heat, making the temperature difficult to control. The new investment made by toolcraft overcomes this challenge. "Thanks to its temperature control medium, the device is able to heat moulds to a constant temperature," says Thomas Lender, head of injection moulding at toolcraft.

Higher quality and environmentally friendly
The new solution allows the temperature of injection-moulding tools to be maintained at a consistent level, while the constant conduction of heat means that the tools can be heated with a minimal amount of energy. Furthermore, the steady temperature enhances the reproducibility of the injection-moulded parts. The reduced cycle time increases the output, while the quality of the components produced is also improved.

About toolcraft
As a partner of engineers of almost all industrial sectors toolcraft manufactures precision parts, assemblies, moulds and injection moulded parts. Industries are for example the semiconductors, aerospace, medical technology, optical industry, special machinery manufacturing as well as motor sports and automotive.

Thereby toolcraft relies on innovations and invests in future technologies like 3D printing in metal as well as construction of individual robotic solutions. Part of the corporate philosophy is also an intensive cooperation with partners, such as Unicam Software GmbH, YPTI Indonesia, CONCEPT Laser GmbH.

Since March 2014 the company meets the standard of EN ISO13485. The certificate attests toolcraft an extensive quality management system for manufacturing surgical tools according to customer specification.