Stand number: 2-219

bkl 3d GmbH
Company: bkl 3d GmbH
Street: An der Müß 40
Zip code: 96515
City: Sonneberg
Country: Deutschland
Phone: +49 (036 75) 469 45 60
stand number: 2-219


bkl 3d is the specialist for 3D Metal Printing in Additive Manufacturing. From unique pieces and prototyping to series production. From lightweight construction to the use of additional functions, such as contour-close temperature control. The competence team of bkl 3d GmbH offers you comprehensive expertise and a unique user experience since 2005, also in the innovative 3D-surface finishing by laser structuring.
If these possibilities of laser technologies are to create visions and make ideas a reality: bkl 3d is exactly the right partner.
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