Stand number: 2-218

Cubicure GmbH
Company: Cubicure GmbH
Street: Gutheil-Schoder-Gasse 17
Zip code: 1230
City: Wien
Country: Österreich
Phone: +43 (01) 581 04 39 10
stand number: 2-218


Cubicure GmbH was founded in March 2015 as a spin-off of the Vienna University of Technology by Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stampfl and Dr. Robert Gmeiner. Cubicure deals with the additive manufacturing of high-performance polymers. Cubicure’s newly developed photopolymers are exceedingly tough and have a high dimensional stability under heat. Those properties can be obtained through highly viscous and sticky raw materials, which cannot be processed in commercial SLA machine until now. Out of this, Cubicure developed its own additive manufacturing process, Hot Lithography, for the processing of those poorly flowable material systems. Cubicure’s patented Hot Lithography technology enables the usage of high-molecular chemical substances for a high precision 3D-printing process. At the heart of the technology is a specially developed and patented heating and coating mechanism which is capable of processing resins and pastes of the highest viscosity at operating temperatures up to 120°C.

Since 2017 Cubicure offers the specially developed and patented 3D printing system ‘Caligma 200’ and associated materials. In addition to high-performance photopolymers ‘Evolution’ for functional prototypes and ‘Precision’ for precision applications, Cubicure has for the first time succeeded in developing a high-temperature material for additive manufacturing, which can withstand operating temperatures of up to 300°C: ThermoBlast, a high-strength photopolymer with an extremely high heat deflection temperature.

For data processing for additive manufacturing, Cubicure offers a newly developed and platform-independent software solution: CSS (Cubicure Support & Slice), a comprehensive tool for editing STL-files, generating support geometries und layer-slicing for 3D printers.
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