Overview lecture forums

The following lecture forums will be offered in the Rapid.Tech specialist conference 2020:

Forum AM Science (with scientific review)
Already for the fifth time, there will be a purely scientific session within the Rapid.Tech conference 2019 as a completion of the common sessions. This conference with a scientific quality assurance (double-blind review of abstract and paper) will inform about new knowledge and scientific Progress within the German-speaking area and takes into consideration all issues of the additive manufacturing process chain.

Forum Software, Processes, Design (with scientific Review)
Additive Manufacturing allows designers and developers to think in a new way about the design processes. At the same time new competences are required. Ideas and design approaches that have been impossible so far are feasible now. In this forum designers and development engineers receive inspirations and approaches how to use these fascinating possibilities offered by using AM while designing components and thereby integrating new functions. This is not only essential for design aspects but also for calculation methods and the associated software support. Important here is z. B. the form of data transfer between the individual process steps or systems involved. In addition, the data must be managed accordingly. This leads to an extension of the existing PLM landscapes. The management of data over the entire life cycle of the component is therefore particularly important in additive manufacturing. It will be assumed that the basic processes of AM are known.

Scientific review: The lectures of the Forum AM Science and Software, Processes, Design that have been accepted to the conference programme will be assessed by a scientific review committee (double-blind review of abstract and paper). The precondition for this is the submission of the lecture of a full abstract of at least ten pages (Deadline: 12 February 2020).

The template for the paper in the Forum AM Wissenschaft can be found here.

The template for the paper in the Forum Software, Processes, Design can be found here.

Forum Medical, Dental & Orthopaedic Technology
Additive Manufacturing was able to change a lot in medical and clinical applications. For example, additive manufactured individual bone implants, or jigs for bone correction and tools for customized dental solutions are state-of-the-art. Nevertheless, there are constantly new applications regarding the individual patient care. Among others a lot has been achieved in the orthopaedic technology in the past years so that first promising additive manufactured products like foot splints or leg prostheses are on the market today. The forum deals with these trends and addresses especially this digital and software aided penetration of established market segments of medical technology which creates new product groups and business models.

Forum Tool, Model & Mould making
In this forum participants will learn everything about relevant technologies, new materials and applications in tool and mould making. This includes not only simulation of 3D printed tools and close-to-contour cooling but also Additive Manufacturing of embossing and cutting tools. High pressure die casting has great potential, which is also relevant for this forum as well as further progresses in the already established field of additive manufactured injection moulding tools. The possibilities and limits of different AM processes for the production of the named parts as well as the entry of these processes in series production will be shown. Moreover, examples will be considered that show the usage of the high design freedom of 3D printing when manufacturing fixtures which can help to optimize work processes. Presentations about business models, quality assurance, studies about the development of 3D printing in mould making as well as post-processing of additive manufactured parts with traditional methods are also sought.

Forum Aviation
The application of additively manufactured components is common in the aerospace industry by now, especially before the background of lightweight construction. The Forum Aviation will focus on Technologies and applications of additive manufacturing processes within the civil and military aerospace sector. Features of relevant technologies will be discussed in detail. On the basis of practical examples for the production of technically demanding plastic and metal components for small-series production the relevance and the customer’s benefit will be shown. Here, also the production of spare parts plays an important role. Furthermore, this forum is dealing with the current challenges in the aviation industry from quality assurance to qualification of suppliers with all relevant aspects.

Forum Automotive & Mobility
For the Automotive Industry forum we are looking for presentations that demonstrate where Additive Manufacturing is already used in the automotive industry and how this sector of industry will be changing in the future due to AM. On the basis of current case studies, this forum is supposed to address the entire automobile process chain in development, manufacturing and life cycle and can as well reflect the manufacturing of prototypes and pre-series parts, series production parts or spare parts on demand by AM as AM-supported tooling in terms of molds and dies for automotive mass production. Also logistics specialists are invited to talk about how AM can change warehousing in the automotive sector. Motorsports applications are as welcome as applications for alternative drive concepts (e-mobility). Besides representatives of automotive OEMs, automotive suppliers are as well invited to present as research institutions that focus on applied research for the automotive sector.

Forum Energy
Companies im the ernergy sector are also increasingly turning their attentions to additive manufacturing. The forum is calling for papers on appliocations in wind energy or by companies whose operations concern various energy forms. Manufacturers anbd Service Providers who develop and produce products for the energy sector are also invited to submit their contributions.

Forum Future (Construction, Architecture, 3D Printed Electronics)
New applications in a wide array of branches are constantly demonstrating just how versatile 3D printing and additive manufacturing are. This forum seeks to present the future of possible applications. We welcome submissions on topics that are still in their infancy today but will be of immense interest tomorrow. From applications in architecture and construction to fashion, food or completely new approaches in electronic engineering to developing products by integrating additional functions such as electronics, sensor technology, light or energy supply, AM can combine and process a broad spectrum of materials. Conductive materials and methods are now being applied so that sensors, microbatteries, light sources, light guides and electronic circuits can be printed directly in or on the surface of appliances and devices.

Forum Living at Home/ Interior / Design in the consumer goods market
The consumer goods market has witnessed a huge rise in the application of 3D printing and additive manufacturing for prototyping to meet growing requirements. We therefore welcome papers by companies that develop and produce items such as lighting, sanitary products, furniture, home furnishings, household appliances, consumer electronics, and household goods such as cutlery and crockery.

Forum Basics in AM
As AM has advanced to become more precise, with improved component quality and a much broader palette of materials, it has allowed more and more sectors to benefit from direct manufacturing using generative processes and production in customised small series.
Rapid.Tech also showcases interesting sector solutions alongside additive manufacturing processes. With each new sector application, the trade fair organisers’ task is to ensure that both insiders and newcomers benefit from access to the same level of up-to-date information. The Basics in AM Forum clearly presents the necessary foundational principles of additive manufacturing by reference to models and components in order to distil the innovative approaches from the conference papers and the specialist exhibition. The forum focuses on the principles of the various processes, application examples, and forward-looking strategies and perspectives. 

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